martes, 25 de octubre de 2011

Die Haut in der ich wohne (again!!)

Yesterday I went to Hackescher Markt to watch this film. I am so proud of this spanish production... I am happy to see how the craziest attitude from the human being, on love, hate, sex, dreams, past, present... How all can be shown in such a creative and aesthetic way. For me the lifes first law is to accept this craziness of the human being, it doesn't mean I want everybody to show their passions in an extremely way, but when sometimes here in Berlin I look around and I see such quietness on the people faces and movements, that really scares me.

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Der Zufall

I popped into this little store in my area. It's a vintage store but no one could notice until you're inside and you check the labels, the tags, the smell of some pieces (you know...).

I paid attention on an eighties clutch with a short chain strap, I opened it, checking all the pockets inside and then: surprise, I find a theatre entrance from a Nüremberg Theater dating from the 20th October 1982 :) amazing!! Isn't it? That ticket survived 30years!! I stole the ticket, I had no money enough to buy the clutch. I'll do!!

What do you suggest??
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jueves, 13 de octubre de 2011

La piel que habito

Looking forward to see the last film from Pedro Almodovar. Need some passion in my life*
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